• Professional, reliable pet care
  • Detailed walk reports and notes
  • Adherence to pet's training regimen
  • Fresh water, feeding or a treat 
  • Administration of medication if needed
  • The ability to text immediately with your pet's caretaker. 
  • Drying off your dog after rain and snow
  • Taking in packages and mail if needed 


Your pet will be allowed to move about freely throughout our home, play with our dogs, socialize with our guests, and be treated as if they were our own. Space is limited. Reservations required.

  • $45 per night (Drop off between 7PM-9PM and check out by 11AM)  
  •  $10/hr charge for late pick-up. 

Please Note:

  • Cancellations made after 9 AM on the date of service will be subject to a fee up to the value of that service.  For same-day cancellations, please leave a voicemail or text by 9 AM.
  • Weekends: $5 surcharge for all services
  • Holidays: $10 surcharge for all services
  • Services outside normal business hours: $5 surcharge for all 
  • $25 service fee for each returned check.


A personalized overnight stay in your home taking care of your pet(s).  This service is especially helpful for pets that suffer from separation anxiety or get easily bored.  We provide 12 hours of love and care for your pet while we maintain the cleanliness and security of your home.

  • $80 per night (Includes AM & PM walk)

Our service begins with a free in-home consultation. During the initial meet up you and your dog will get to know your new walkers. You will also be given an intake form, which asks for some basic information such as your pet's medical history. Two copies of the house keys will be collected during this time. 

Referral Program

Receive 1 (one) FREE dog walk or cat visit for each client you refer to Woofpack LLC.


Do you lead a really busy life? We can help by transporting your pet for trips to your veterinarian or to your local groomer with our pet taxi services available anytime!

  • $35 per hour​​


A pet sitter will visit your home for 30 minutes. Keeping your pet on schedule is our goal, so we will be glad to visit as many times as needed. Also great for rabbits, gerbils, and an assortment of many other furry friends. 

  • $18 per visit for one pet // $5 for each additional pet​​



Aimed at giving your pet a new adventure everyday! Our walks are catered to your dog and their exercise needs based on age and fitness.     

  • $18 per visit for one dog // $5 for each additional dog
  • Approximately 30 minutes 

Our walk schedule is Monday through Friday, 10AM - 3PM